Best Hotels in Antigua Guatemala for Couples

Antigua’s atmospheric colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and impressive volcano make it one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Founded in 1524, the UNESCO World Heritage site is Latin America’s top spot for weddings and honeymoons. if you’re planning a romantic getaway, here are our choices for the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala for couples.

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The historic Arch of Santa Catalina

The historic Arch of Santa Catalina

After an extended stay at our rustic ranch in Guatemala’s sweltering lowlands with all 400 of Javier’s family, I was really looking forward to a romantic getaway in a cool climate, with a hot bath, luxurious sheets and some alone time as a couple. Our getaway started off perfectly.

Our uber-romantic suite at  Hotel  Panza Verde was located at the end of a leafy courtyard complete with gurgling fountains, a reflecting pool and original artwork. The room itself featured mahogany doors, an elegant private dressing room, antique chandeliers and a bed so large it could have slept King Ferdinand of Spain’s entire retinue.

Secluded courtyard at Hotel Panza Verde

Secluded courtyard at Hotel Panza Verde Antigua

“Hey, there’s room in here for  my family,” said Javier.  His philosophy on getaways is the more people the merrier – even if it means sleeping pyjama-party style on the floor. After persuading him that a getaway means getting away from people, we dropped off our suitcases and headed out for an evening of romantic dining.

We strolled Antigua’s  historic streets, took photos beneath the Arch of Santa Catalina, lounged around Parque Central listening to marimba bands and toasted our love with glasses of Pinto Grigio and Merlot. To celebrate our big evening out, I decided to order a salad.

La Merced Church

La Merced Church

After dinner, we shared an umbrella as rain misted the cobblestone streets and turned the lamplights fuzzy with drizzle. Just as we passed the Palacio de los Capitanes, my stomach lurched.

“I don’t feel so good,” I said.

“What about cocktails at Hotel Santo Domingo? ” asked Javier.  Our original plan had been to visit the swanky hotel located on the ruins of the 1538-era Santo Domingo Monastery. It’s also one of the best hotels in Antigua Guatemala.

“You’ll have to go alone,” I gasped. “I need a bathroom NOW.”

Our plans for a nightcap abandoned, we hurried past the charming monasteries, churches, plazas and shops back to our suite. I spent the next two days moaning in our spacious bathroom while Javier watched soccer on television, toted bags of stomach remedies and 7-Up from the pharmacy and, once I was on the mend, brought  mashed potatoes from Kentucky Fried Chicken. In between, he talked to his family by phone. Hotel Panza Verde delivered endless pots of steaming camomile tea and privacy. They even offered to whisk me away to their luxurious villa B´alam Ya overlooking Lake Atitlan to recover.

If the true test of a marriage (and a great hotel ) is how they weather illness and hardship, then Javier and Hotel Panza Verde passed the test with flying colours. They were faithful partners in sickness and in health.

“Should we try again next year?” I asked as we checked out, my face still white and pale.

“Next time we’re taking the family,” said Javier.

Hotel Panza Verde Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Panza Verde in Antigua, Guatemala

Hotel Panza Verde in Antigua, Guatemala


2 Hotel Cirilo

Courtyard at historic Hotel Cirilo in Antigua Guatemala

Courtyard at historic Hotel Cirilo in Antigua Guatemala

3. El Convento


Travel Planner  

Hotel Panza Verde

Room rates begin at just $85 USD a night for a double room in low season. A Junior Suite is $165 USD a night.

5a Av. Sur # 19 Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala, C.A. 03001
Tel/Fax: (502) 7832 2925

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Michele Peterson
Michele Peterson
Dividing her time between Toronto, Mexico and Guatemala (or the nearest tropical beach), Michele Peterson is an award-winning writer, blogger, editor and publisher who specializes in travel, cuisine and luxury lifestyles.
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  • Colleen Friesen

    Javier is indeed the perfect husband! I burst out laughing at his ending comment. Perhaps he’s on to something. After all, we do end up marrying the family as I know you’re well aware 🙂

    • Michele Peterson

      Yes, nothing says romantic getaway quite as well as “Room for 10 people please”

  • Carol Perehudoff

    Stop making this so entertaining. I’m trying to work.

  • Lesley Peterson

    Wow–that’s a great price for a double room:o I’d love to stroll the streets of Antigua with the view of that volcano

  • esperanza

    The courtyard and veranda dining area are so beautiful! Too bad your romantic evening ended so badly. Does Hotel Panza Verde really mean Green Belly Hotel or is this just the way you felt? Beter luck next time with the whole family.

  • Canada 's Boomergirl

    Michele, your post suggests I need to go back to Antigua. I love colonial architecture. Sadly I did not see much of Antigua’s on my caribbean cruise last winter (my first and likely my last). Antigua port of call blended in with all the others we made. Caters to excesses of cruise ship travelers- jewelry shops dripping with gold chains, bling. I’ll fly next time.

  • thomas

    Text is funny, and photos of Antigua arch, volcano and hotel colonnade truly beautiful!

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