His and Hers beer in Trinidad and Tobago

“Would you like a man’s beer or a lady’s beer?” asked our captain  as we  set sail from Mount Irvine Bay  to cruise Tobago’s north shore. It was my first day in the two-island country of  Trinidad and Tobago and I was already a fan. You’ve got to love a country where there’s a brand of beer  just for women.  If you’ve ever drank warm yak’s milk because you weren’t  allowed to drink alcohol unaccompanied by a male (hello India), having a cold beer on a hot day is especially welcome. During the next hour, during our sunset cruise on Island Girl, a graceful 43-catamaran, I was about to get a lesson in “His” and “Hers” beer.

It's equal opportunity when it comes to beer in Trinidad and Tobago Credit: Melody Wren

It’s equal opportunity when it comes to beer in Trinidad and Tobago Credit: Melody Wren

Both Carib and Stag beer are brewed by Carib Brewery Ltd located in Trinidad, St Kitts-Nevis and Grenada. It wasn’t always that way. Stag Lager was first brewed by the National Brewing Company  who launched  it in 1973. It languished in sales until purchased by Carib Brewery who, in a move of marketing genius, decided to rebrand the beer capitalizing on its slightly bitter taste to proclaim it a “manly” beer.

Bar at Pigeon Point in Tobago

Guess what kind of beer they have here?

Early advertisements showed  a bare-chested man astride a motorcycle with a Stag Beer. The theme of stamina, tenacity and confidence hit a chord with Caribbean men and sales rocketed. Their latest tag line is  “It’s a Man’s World – Rule it responsibly.”

Carib on the other hand is light, citrusy and slightly floral with a brand image that evokes  youthfulness and fashion.  And although there’s nothing stopping a man from drinking a Carib beer, it’s become best known as a woman’s beer.

You don't need beer to enjoy this sunset in Tobago

You don’t need beer to enjoy this sunset in Tobago

After our education in beer, we continued sailing along the coast of Tobago. As the sun set in brilliant technicolor around us it was  so spectacular, we raised a toast in cheer to it and to equal opportunity beer-drinking.

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For more information, see Trinidad and Tobago Tourism.

The Magdalena Grand Beach Resort is the newest property to open in Tobago and is located in the community of the Tobago Plantations Estate.

Island Girl: Offers pick-up at your hotel and a range of sunset, full day and snorkelling tours with all your beer included. Contact: islandgirltobago@gmail.com  or call (868) 639-7245 (SAIL)

Michele Peterson
Michele Peterson
Dividing her time between Toronto, Mexico and Guatemala (or the nearest tropical beach), Michele Peterson is an award-winning writer, blogger, editor and publisher who specializes in travel, cuisine and luxury lifestyles.
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  • Wandering Carol

    I’ll take a lady’s beer but re the tagline: ”It’s a Man’s World – Rule it responsibly.” Rule? Wha?? Ouch! Maybe give me a man’s beer after all.

  • Lesley Peterson

    I’d love to toast a sunset with a light, citrus-y Carib! T&T looks and sounds amazing.

  • Colleen Friesen

    Enough with the rulers, boys. Men in charge hasn’t served us that well so far…just sayin’. That being said, I’ve just added Trinidad and Tobago to my list.

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