Top 3 Vegan Eats on Kauai

The only downside to vacations is that they’re often not long enough! After spending six months on Kauai as a Canadian snowbird, I learned the ins and outs of vegan restaurants on Kauai through trial and error.

Being vegan is easy once you know where the best stuff is located, but this can be tricky on short trips. So if you’re headed to Kauai, which I’m extremely jealous if you are, here are my fave vegan restaurants on Kauai for vegan and vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1. Coconut Cup Juice Bar – Vegan Kauai

Coconut Cup Juice Bar

The best açaí bowls on the island. Frozen blended acai, mixed berries, coconut milk, banana, granola and coconut shavings

Coconut Cup is a little juice bar (4-1516 Kuhio Hwy) along Kapaa’s scenic ocean-view bike path. Organic fruit and veggies are locally sourced and the service is stellar. I would highly suggest stopping here for a Kauai smoothie for breakfast  (the Polihale Punch is my main squeeze: mixed berries, banana, papaya and pineapple juice, add hemp protein for an extra boost), plus they also have tremendous breakfast burritos for our vegetarian friends.

Most importantly, they have the best açaí (say it with me now: ah-sigh-ee) bowls on island. WARNING: DO NOT LEAVE KAUAI WITHOUT TRYING AN AÇAI BOWL…they are heavenly. Bonus: If you swing by for lunch try the avocado nori wrap with wasabi veganaise!

2. El Taco Feliz – Vegan Restaurants on Kauai

El Taco Feliz in Kauai Credit: Jessica Percy Campbell

Find El Taco Feliz (“Happy Taco”)
at K-1778, Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa


One of the greatest things about Kauai is that there are so many outdoor activities to do. From lounging on its beaches, surfing and hiking, there are so many free things to do on Kauai you’re guaranteed to work up an appetite.

And the best thing about Kauai’s laid back atmosphere is that you can show up most places barefoot in your bathing suit or hiking gear and no one bats an eye.

On the main strip in Kapaa there’s a charming little food truck you might miss if you’re not looking for it. On this island you can’t throw a stone without hitting a Mexican restaurant, but my favorite mixed veggie tacos and vegan burritos on the globe are right here at El Taco Feliz.

This family-owned business makes their food with love, and it certainly shows. The prices are fair, the portions are generous, the guacamole is made on the spot, and the sign is hilarious. This is definitely one of the best vegan restaurants on Kauai.

What’s not to love?

 3. Kitchen Table – Vegan Restaurants on Kauai

Kitchen Table at Common Ground in Kauai

(From top left) Smoked tomato jam appetizers, limu tomato salad, baked tofu with mushroom gravy and grilled eggplant/zucchini/ sweet potato mash, cucumber watermelon mojito and vegan coconut pana cotta with pineapple sauce.

When you’re done beach-bumming around on the East side, why not indulge in a classy night out on the North shore? I had the pleasure of visiting Kitchen Table at the lovely Common Ground garden property for both Wednesday night dinner (highly recommended cultural performance and fire show included) and Sunday brunch!

The brunch buffet was magical, but the baked tofu with mushroom gravy, grilled veggies and sweet potato mash dinner was literally to die for. Farm to table, homegrown/local ingredients, awe-inspiring scenery and top notch entertainment to boot. As far as fine dining goes, Kitchen Table is where to go for high-quality cuisine, presentation, and taste. Don’t forget to mention your dietary needs when you make reservations.

They don’t call it the garden island for nothing, Kauai’s never ending assortment of exotic fruits and eco conscious restaurants make plant-based diets a cinch. Aloha!


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Jessica Percy-Campbell
Jessica Percy-Campbell
Jessica Percy-Campbell is a world traveller from Montreal who lives to explore local communities, subcultures, vegan/vegetarian eats and hidden corners of the globe. Keep up with @veganvacationista on Instagram.
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  • Sue Reddel

    Thanks for sharing these lovely vegan alternatives on Kauai. It all sounds delicious but I have to admit that the cucumber watermelon mojito really caught my eye.

  • Anita @ No Particular Place To Go

    We have many fond memories of gorgeous Kauai and I can see why staying past the time you’d planned would be a major temptation. And it looks like the foods and specialty dishes only add to its allure!

  • noel

    Oh my, those all look scrumptious, might need to go back to visit and taste Kauai again, and those are all Vegan, lovely.

  • Anita

    These foods look scrumptious, each and every one…I’m a sucker for food trucks and enjoy really good vegan food, too, so these vegan eats on Kauai tick the right boxes!

  • The GypsyNesters

    Both the food and the new website look great!

  • budget jan

    Our daughter is Vegan and she would be drooling over this selection. 6 months would have been so relaxing!

  • Jess

    thanks for all the comments! Kauai certainly is relaxing and the food there is out of this world! I hope you all get to visit someday.

  • Betsy Wuebker | PassingThru

    We loved living on Kauai’s North Shore and can attest the beautiful atmosphere and offerings of Common Ground are top notch.

  • Irene S. Levine

    These look like great recommendations for vegans or non-vegans!

  • Paula McInerney

    Great looking website, congrats. Love the food you have shared with us from Kauai

  • Lori Henry

    Bookmarked! The Coconut Cup Juice Bar sounds like my kind of place… 😀

  • Carole Terwilliger Meyers

    Thanks for these vegan suggestions! Kauai is where I had my first acai bowl. I had my next one in L.A. That’s it so far. I ate at the Garden Cafe at Common Ground when I was in Kauai but I heard it closed. Has it morphed into a more upscale dinner spot?

    • Jessica

      Hi Carole, it did close but reopened with new owners and it’s freeken fabulous! You’ll def have to check it out next time.

  • Rossana

    Oh my… all the food looks incredible! The grilled eggplant/zucchini/ sweet potato mash sounds perfect as does the Acai bowl… I would be hard pressed to leave… 🙂

  • Culture Tripper

    Gorgeous shots of the food! I loved the food in Hawaii and the vegan coconut pana cotta with pineapple sauce looks and sounds amazing!

  • Cheryl

    What delicious options for Vegan dining in Kauai! The vegan coconut pana cotta with pineapple sauce looks delicious, although I think the cucumber watermelon mojito sure does look refreshing!

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