How to Celebrate Australia Day in Puerto Escondido

Puerto’s ex-pat community is an incredible melting pot of Canadians, Americans, Europeans and Australians — and each of them celebrates their home country’s national holiday with their own unique enthusiasm and patriotic pride. If you’re in Puerto Escondido for the winter season, you can party like an Aussie and celebrate Australia Day on January 26th. This annual holiday commemorates the first landing in Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788 and Australians celebrate  ‘Straya Day with plenty of national pride, flying the Australian flag and celebrating in true Aussie style with music, cold beer, grilled meat on the barbie and traditional Australian meat pies.

On Australia Day in Puerto Escondido, there are lots of places to join in the celebrations. Your best bet for authentic Aussie meat pies is el Lugar Hostel Restaurant and Bar in La Punta. Their ‘Straya Day Party begins at noon on January 26th and includes Aussie music, BBQ snags, the original Aussie Meat Pies, thong throwing and cricket.

Australian meat pie at El Lugar

Australian meat pie at El Lugar

You can also sometimes find Aussie Pies at  Aqua Luna Hotel near Dan’s Cafe overlooking Zicatela beach.  This sleek, minimalist boutique hotel owned by an Australian long boarder and his Mexican partner and wife, offers a sophisticated escape complete with pearl-white walls, a violet-hued swimming pool and a bit of a Miami SoBe vibe.

An ocean view rooftop deck complete with jacuzzi is a perfect perch for bring-your-own-cocktail hour watching Puerto’s famous sunsets or for early morning checks to see if the surf’s up. But Aqua Luna also happens to serve up fantastic house-made meat pies, flaky pastry crust that opens to reveal steaming hot spiced ground beef. So they’re worth checking out to see if they’re serving them on Australia Day.

How to celebrate Australia Day in Puerto Escondido

Celebrating Australia Day in Puerto Escondido


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Hotel Aqua Luna is located at the corner Calle Vista Hermosa and Jasmines just below Highway 200.

El Lugar Restaurant and Hostel is located at El Lugar Hostel & Restaurant Bar
Av. Alejandro Cardenas S/N
Antes Av. Benito Juarez
Brisas de Zicatela

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    Those Aussie meat pies look mouth-watering; almost like an empanada!

  • Sue Reddel

    What a terrific idea! I’d try one of those meat pies any day of the week. That flaky crust looks delightful!

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