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Carrizalillo Beach Puerto Escondido
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Updated: October 18, 2018

Michele Peterson in Puerto Escondido

Michele Peterson in Puerto Escondido Mexico

by Michele Peterson


I first discovered Puerto Escondido Oaxaca in 2003 while studying Spanish in Oaxaca City and have been returning ever since. Along with my Guatemala-born husband we’ve owned a home there, rented condo apartments, stayed with friends in cute beach towns and enjoyed stays in budget to luxury hotels in virtually every neighbourhood.

A former investment executive turned travel writer, I author the Fodor’s Guide to Oaxaca’s Coast, Lonely Planet’s cookbook Mexico: From the Source, the Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials  iPhone app (currently under redevelopment), the Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials Facebook  page and have written about Oaxaca for magazines and publications such as enRoute, WestJet and TravelAgeWest. I want you to enjoy exploring Puerto Escondido as much as we have and have written this Puerto Escondido Guide to help you do just that.

Why Choose Puerto Escondido vs other Destinations in Mexico

Chef Tony aka The Mexykan shopping at Benito Juarez Market in Puerto Escondido Credit Brian Overcast

Chef Tony The Mexykan at Benito Juarez Market Puerto Escondido Credit Brian Overcast

Authentic Mexico

Set against the backdrop of the Sierra Madre Sur Mountains, the coastline around Puerto Escondido Oaxaca has remained untouched by mega-development. Unlike the manicured all-inclusive luxury resorts of Cancun-Riviera Maya it offers an authentic Mexican experience that will appeal to travellers interested in speaking Spanish, shopping in traditional markets and meeting locals.

Surfing in Puerto Escondido

Many visitors are drawn to Puerto Escondido on the Oaxacan Coast because of the Mexican Pipeline, an epic wave break with a reputation that attracts serious surfing aficionados from Australia to California. But it’s not just about the surf. “Puerto’s” population of 55,000 is made up of expats, fishing families, wellness devotees and adventure lovers, co-existing in laid-back harmony in neighbourhoods tucked around the palm-tree fringed bays.

Food Scene

Puerto Escondido is also a prime destination for food lovers. The cuisine is drawn from a rich indigenous heritage and features lots of fresh seafood as well as an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Its 400 restaurants offer a diverse culinary mix with Italian, Middle Eastern, Thai and Oaxacan cuisine just a few of the unique tastes you’ll find.

The Benito  Juárez Market ( also known as Mercado Principal) is Puerto’s cultural and economic heart. The sprawling, but surprisingly orderly, market stretches an entire city block and spills out onto surrounding sidewalks on busy days. You can eat lunch, chat with vendors, meet up with friends or just soak up the authentic Oaxacan atmosphere.

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Low-cost Alternative to Other Mexico Destinations

Puerto Escondido is growing in popularity among couples planning a romantic getaway, destination wedding or honeymoon. The predictable sunny weather, picturesque Pacific Coast backdrops and affordability as well as a growing crop of luxury hotels in Puerto Escondido and resorts makes it a good alternative to Cancun, Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta.

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Choosing a Hotel, Condo Apartment or Home in Puerto Escondido

View from the rooftop of Aqua Luna Hotel Puerto Escondido Mexico

Work or live in Puerto Escondido!

If you want to rent a condo, villa or other vacation property in Puerto Escondido, here are a few resources to get you started. Before you begin, be sure to read the Beginner’s Guide to Puerto Escondido Beaches so you know which neighbourhood you are interested in. And for the best choice, begin your search early. Although Puerto Escondido Oaxaca is still under the radar for many travellers, its beautiful beaches, thriving food and drink scene and rich culture draw a loyal crowd who book their favourite rental property a year or more in advance.

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 Best Time to Travel to Puerto Escondido Oaxaca

Swimming pool at Hotel Escondido Puerto Escondido

Dreamy swimming pool at Hotel Escondido

January to March are the most popular months for visitors from Canada and the United States, which means demand for accommodation is at its peak as are prices. April and May are very hot and humid (expect 35 C and up) while August, September and October are the rainiest months, with many of the local restaurants closed for business.

November and  December (excluding Christmas) are  great times  to visit. Puerto Escondido weather is sunny and warm (but not  too hot) and prices are often at low season rates.  November is also the time for the Fiestas de Noviembre (described below) and Day of the Dead celebrations.

Fiestas de Noviembre

Folkloric dancers at Playa Manzanillo, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Folkloric dancers at Playa Manzanillo, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico

Originally created to promote tourism during the low season, the Fiestas de Noviembre have grown to become one big celebration. During the event, Puerto Escondido ramps up the party factor city-wide with fishing tournaments, folkloric dance extravaganzas, food festivals,  freestyle motocross and surfing competitions.

Most events are free, except for the fishing competitions such as the International Sailfish Tournament, where there’s prize money at stake. For the complete Fiestas de Noviembre Puerto Escondido 2018 event schedule, visit our post on What Everyone Should Know About the Fiestas de Noviembre. 


Surfing in Puerto Escondido Credit Zicazteca

Surfing in Puerto Escondido Credit Zicazteca


November is also the start of the whale-watching season, just one of many awesome outdoor adventures you can experience in Puerto Escondido. 

Best Beaches in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido’s is home to five main beaches, each with its own personality.  Your top choice if you’re in town for just one day  should be Playa Carrizalillo as it’s the most swimmable, the prettiest and the cleanest. Manzanillo Beach and Playa Zicatelas are good second options as they have fewer stairs and Playa Manzanillo has Blue Flag certification.

Read the Beginner’s Guide to Puerto Escondido Beaches for details on all five main beaches which also include the idyllic beach at Puerto Angelito Beach and Playa Principal.

Carrizalillo Beach

Scramble 167 stone steps down a cliff and you’ll be rewarded by the calm, clear waters of Puerto’s prettiest (and best swimming) beach. The sheltered crescent-shaped bay is ideal for snorkelling and its upscale cliff-side villas are popular among couples looking for a romantic getaway. Be sure to bring your camera. Loungers are available to rent or come free with a minimum drink or food purchase per person. Access to the walkway to the Playa Carizalillo’s stairs is through an orange archway on the Rinconada near  El Cafecito.

Beautiful Carrizalillo Beach in Puerto Escondido

Beautiful Carrizalillo Beach in Puerto Escondido

Bacocho Beach and Villa Sol Beach Club

Beach Club Villa Sol at Bacocho Beach

If you’ve rented a condo without a swimming pool, no need to worry. You can enjoy a resort-style getaway at  Club de Playa Villa Sol at Bacocho Beach. With two pools (one a large freeform and the other for kids), a swim-up pool bar, sprawling landscaped gardens and towering palm trees you’ll feel as though you’re at swanky resort.  The best part? Admission is less than $5. Lounge by the pool, order cocktails, play beach volleyball or take a stroll along wave-swept Bacocho Beach.

This is also a top spot for turtle nestings and releases. 2 X 1 cocktails during Happy Hour 12:00-1:00pm. The Beach Club is now home to the fine dining beachfront restaurant Pez Gallo. To get there take a taxi to Bacocho Beach, just past the Posada Real Cocos Beach Club. Ask staff to call you a taxi when it’s time to leave. It’s a steep climb back up the hill.

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Mariachis and Mezcal

Getting to Puerto Escondido via Huatulco Airport (HUX)

If you don’t fly to Puerto Escondido via Mexico City on Viva Aerobus, Interjet or TAR Airlines, you’ll most likely arrive at the Bahias de Huatulco (HUX) airport. From there you have many options on how to get to Puerto Escondido, which is more than two hours away. The most expensive option is by pre-arranged taxi service and the cheapest is by SUR bus. The difference in cost is significant  $90 USD vs $3 USD (basically two evenings of dinners and drinks)  so it’s worth considering the pros and cons of all of the options. Much depends on how much luggage you have, the number of travellers in your group, your arrival time etc.

Read our Guide on Getting from Huatulco Airport to Puerto Escondido  for a full analysis and step-by step instructions; and out guide to Huatulco’s Best Beaches for some travel inspiration!

You can also fly directly to Puerto Escondido from Queretaro Mexico via TAR Airlines.

Puerto Escondido Crime and Safety

Is Puerto Escondido safe? Both Huatulco and Puerto Escondido enjoy reputations as a safe destinations for tourists. But it pays to use common sense when visiting. Here are some travel safety tips:

  1. Lifeguards rescue 800 people from drowning each year. Heed red flag warnings and don’t enter the water on dangerous beaches (La Punta, Bacocho & Zicatela in the Santa Maria Colotepec municipality).
  2. The rainy season (May-November) brings afternoon showers which can increase biting insects and associated risks such as dengue fever. Use insect repellent with DEET and wear long sleeved shirts and pants. Read 12 Ways to Protect Yourself from Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya virus
  3. Walking alone at night on the beach isn’t a good idea anywhere so don’t make a habit of it here.
  4. Keep hydrated and avoid the midday sun.
  5. Robberies have been reported on the Andedor Escenico  and the stretch of beach between La Punta and Brisas de Zicatela so carry little cash with you when you go.
  6. Avoid driving at night, keep valuables hidden from view, keep a full tank of gas and carry a copy of your passport if you are travelling by vehicle.
  7. When it comes to Puerto Escondido Mexico crime, Avoid taking the overnight bus from Puerto Escondido to Mexico City. It passes through the state of Guerrero (listed by the U.S. State Department as one of Mexico’s most violent states) and a serious armed robberies have been reported. Airlines such as Viva Aerobus and Interjet are economical ways to get to Puerto Escondido.
  8. Businesses can vary their hours without notice, construction or strikes can cause detours and some restaurants even change location each season. It’s always worth asking around before heading out.
  9. Many businesses have no street numbers and are shown as s/n. This app has tried to accurately pinpoint location and provide landmarks for reference but it’s always worth carrying a business card from your hotel so you can easily return back should you become lost or disoriented.

Read more about staying safe:

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Best Restaurants in Puerto Escondido

Almoraduz Restaurant

Almoraduz Restaurant Puerto Escondido

Almoraduz Restaurant Puerto Escondido

At Almoraduz Restaurant on the Rinconada, chef/owners Shalxali and Quetzalcoatl Zurita are the creative forces behind dishes and cocktails that are a spin on traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Sample local ingredients such as Istmeño cheese, tepiche (a flavourful herb) and beef tongue in chapuline (toasted chile grasshopper) sauce.  This might be your only chance to sample a hibiscus margarita featuring local mezcal, so if it’s available, be sure to order it.

Ben- Zaa Restaurant

Affectionately known as the “Ben-Zoo” among regulars and fans of the lively Friday night Happy Hour, this hotel and resto-bar is a Puerto institution.Popular among Canadians and Americans, the hotel offers 30 basic hotel rooms (some with balconies), a large lending library for guests and fabulous sunset views from the rooftop. A set meal, of comfort food like lasagna, meatloaf or chicken, is served nightly for  around 130 to 180 pesos depending what’s on the menu.   Their Margaritas get top votes.

Brad’s Split Coconut

Live music, home-style BBQ  and Brad’s winning personality are the ingredients behind why Brad’s Split Coconut has been going strong for decades and its location under a set of shady palm trees on Marinero Beach is its best. Grab a plastic chair, dig your toes into the sand and dive into a rib dinner, burger or fish from his “bone suckin’ good’ barbecue.  

Despite experiencing a serious accident during Hurricane Carlotta in 2012, Owner Brad Lopez Benning, who hails from Atlanta via Mexico City, returned with a new lease on life and inspiration for “The Split.” Located directly on the beach, this bar is a fun place to hang out, listen to the waves, watch a sports game on the big screen TV or play a game of horseshoes.  It’s located across from Hotel Santa Fe through the walkway directly on Marinero Beach. 


From the chocolate in mole negro to chapulines (toasted grasshoppers) to “string” cheese, Oaxaca’s classic cuisine is known for its complexity and diversity. At Cayuco, Chefs Roberto Cruz Vasquez and José Miguel Cruz Arana have created a menu that takes traditional ingredients and reworks them in fresh and exciting ways. For a twist on Catch of the Day, dorado comes lightly cooked with its freshness highlighted by fragrant spices from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

Sauces burst with flavour, punched with chile-fuelled power and locally-sourced herbs such as pungent epazote. A fine artisanal mezcal from the nicely-curated selection–arroqueño, tepextate, barril, mexicano, madre cuixe, bicuixe, sierrudo, and papalometl–makes a fitting conclusion to this fine dining experience. This beachfront restaurant is located almost directly across from the Santa Fe Hotel on the beach side  of Calle del Morro on Zicatela Beach.

Dan’s Café Deluxe

This breezy corner cafe is a mecca for hungry surfers, local business folks and the ex-pat community. If the crowd isn’t at Dan’s Cafe Deluxe for the hearty breakfast and good, strong coffee then they’re there for the fish tacos, served Baja-style with a trio of authentic salsas, on Fridays and Saturdays. Football food keeps sports fans happy right through the playoff seasons.  Ping Pong tournaments keep the action happening mid-week.

Located at #14 Jacarandas at the corner of Jacarandas and Jasmines up the steep hill off Las Brisas. 

El Sultan

From humble home kitchen to bustling Rinconada location in less than a year, El Sultan has built a loyal fan base in record time. Low prices, quality food and super-friendly service make it deservedly popular for a lunch or early evening snack of Lebanese-style shawarma, hummus or falafel. 

 Espadin Restaurant

If you have time for just one restaurant, Espadin should be top of your list. Located within the picturesque boutique hotel Villas Carrizalillo on a cliff overlooking the beach of the same name, it offers a memorable dining experience. Fish dishes are stand-outs (even the fish sandwich with its latticework of Baja style chipotle sauce is a winner) but Chef Patricio Sandoval, founder of the well-known Mercadito restaurants in Chicago, New York and Miami, has many other popular dishes on the menu such as the roasted beet salad, chicken in mole negro and shrimp tacos.  Espadin is a type of agave so it’s not surprising that the restaurant-bar also carries a wide selection of high-quality mezcal.

Las Margaritas

Feeling weary from a morning at the Benito Juárez market? This restaurant is truly an oasis from the bustling street scene along 8a Norte. Dishes such as grilled beef arranchera come with creamy guacamole, green and red salsas, an order of handmade tortillas, black beans and grilled nopal cactus. Portions of brochettes of fish are so generous you can take some home for your next meal.

 The pleasant shaded courtyard, breezy fans, friendly service and immaculate washrooms make it a place you’ll want to return to again and again. Daily specials are exceptional value. Look for Las Margaritas awning at the corner of Avenida Oaxaca and 8a Norte across from Benito Juárez Market. 

Los Caracoles

Tucked in a low building on the street leading to Marinero Beach, Los Caracoles is a small, peaceful restaurant with an open kitchen and inspired, affordable dishes. Many consider it one of Puerto’s top dining destinations.

The eclectic menu, posted on a blackboard daily, might feature crema de elote (corn) soup, or albondigas (spiced meatballs), or moist fish with pineapple. Seasonal ingredients get up-to-date treatment. The complimentary dessert (delectable coconut mouse is a standout) always gets top marks.

Chef Francisco Garcia studied at the Culinary Institute in Puebla and is surely one of Oaxaca’s top young chefs. Low lighting and traditional Oaxaca table linens make this restaurant fine for a romantic evening out. Located directly across the street from Flor de Maria Hotel and open for dinner ( check for hours). Be sure to make a reservation

Paris Le Bistro

French cuisine in Puerto? Mais oui! Since opening its doors in November 2011, Paris Le Bistro located on the Rinconada has built a loyal following thanks to a magical combination of fine cuisine and good prices. The ultra-romantic garden patio with its twinkling blue lights and Eiffel Tower motif adds to its charm.

Order a la carte with starters such as goat cheese salad or a Pâté and charcuterie plate followed by quiche or fish of the day. Or, follow the lead of those in the know and go for La formule “ARDOISE GOURMANDE” a set menu of your choice of main, dessert and a glass of house wine. Don’t miss the Tarte Tatin, a caramelized apple confection served with creamy artisanal ice cream that showcases the owner’s background as a skilled  pastry chef.


Don’t be surprised if you spot chef Ludo Tisseur talking with local fishermen on Playa Principal. One of his culinary specialties is fish and he’s passionate about freshness and quality of the catch of the day. Born in France and trained in Spain, he presides over one of Puerto’s most romantic restaurants. Situated directly on the beach beneath graceful palm trees, this is an elegant dining experience with linens, candles and fresh flowers. Top dishes include fish en papillotes or a worthy splurge, fresh lobster ( must be ordered in advance.). Desserts are suitably decadent. Reservations recommended.

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Day Trips from Puerto Escondido including Mazunte, San Agustinillo, Roca Blanca

Pacific Coast of Mexico in Mazunte, Oaxaca

View of Pacific Coast in Mazunte, Oaxaca

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Top Things to Do in Puerto Escondido

Dolphins seen on a tour with Deep Blue Dive in Puerto Escondido

Dolphins seen on a tour with Deep Blue Dive Photo Credit: Deep Blue Dive

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a vacation with the kids, according to marine mammal experts, if you love dolphins and whales, you really have only one choice – and that’s to swim with dolphins that are free and not held in captivity.

Puerto Escondido Oaxaca is an ideal place for interacting with dolphins, sea turtles and whales in their natural environment. You can be right in the middle of the marine action, watching hundreds of dolphins cavort  in the water and if you’re keen, don a snorkel mask and jump in the water with them.

Puerto Escondido is on a major migratory path for whales so you’re also likely to see humpback whales and many species of dolphins such as spinners and white-bellies. I’ve even seen migrating whales while I floated in the swimming pool at Eglantina condominiums.

Other top things to do in Puerto Escondido include swimming in the bioluminescent Manialtepec Lagoon, a magical experience where you’ll be surrounded by blue, glowing, phosphorescent plankton.

Puerto Escondido is also a hub for projects helping to preserve Mixtec traditions by supporting the Tixinda Weaving Cooperative and coordinating educational tours such as shell-dying trips and the sale of Dreamweaver textiles.

Another top activity is to take one of Gina’s Foodie Tours beginning at the Marina where you’ll chat with local fishermen and tuck into a typical breakfast of nopal cactus, tortillas and beans. Then it’s off through the backstreets of Puerto visiting a traditional chocolate grinder, the homes of women making tamales and Benito Juarez Market where you’ll explore the indigenous stalls, learning how to identify epazote, pimiento gorda and nance. Book in advance at Gina’s Tourist Information booth on the el adoquín.

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Massage Therapy in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is an ideal jumping off point for travels to Chiapas and Guatemala (Check out the post Night Bus to Guatemala for the inside scoop on taking the bus to Lake Atitlan,  Guatemala).

Costs and Money in Puerto Escondido

Unlike other parts of Mexico, US dollars are not widely accepted in Puerto Escondido.You will need to get a small supply of Mexican pesos either at home before you depart, at the airport in Mexico City or upon arrival.

How to use an ATM in Puerto Escondido

Save money and reduce hassles by choosing your ATM machine ( cajero automatico) wisely. Some tips:

  • The debit card from US home banks will be accepted in most bank ATM machines in Puerto. Look for the Cirrus and Plus symbols. Some problems have been reported with Canadian chip cards and may require a call to your home bank to resolve.
  • Cash advances from a VISA or Mastercard are also possible in ATM machines and will save you the hassle of showing your passport at the teller.
  • Many ATMs have separate doorways from the bank’s main entrance. If there is someone inside using the bank machine, it is expected you will wait outside until they are finished and then enter the room.
  • Check which currency you are requesting. 500 MXN pesos won’t buy you much if you were planning on $500 USD.
  • Expect to pay between 25-50 pesos for an ATM fee in addition to what your own bank charges. It pays to shop around. Banamex’s fees are often the lowest. Scotia Bank in Huatulco charges one of the highest fees 99 pesos.
  • Choose banks with funds to accommodate large withdrawals as charges will rack up quickly if you make multiple small withdrawals instead of one large one.
  • If you receive a message from the ATM saying “Your card could not be accepted” it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with your card. The machine could have limited funds. Try a smaller withdrawal or come back later. If that fails, you may need to contact your home bank.
  • Avoid ATMs located outside a bank (such as those on the Zicatela strip) as transaction problems have been reported and are difficult to resolve.
  • Follow usual precautions when protecting your PIN number and if you have made a large withdrawal consider transportation directly to your beach hotel rather than wandering around with a large amount of cash.
  • If your card gets “eaten” by the machine, wait 10 minutes to see if it will ejected and if it doesn’t materialize, you will need to speak with a teller inside the bank. This problem seems to happen more frequently after hours so try to do your banking during the daytime.

It is prudent to have more than one way to access funds. Carry a debit card and a credit card for cash advances as a back up. Unlike other parts of Mexico, US dollars are not widely accepted.

Puerto Escondido Real Estate and Immigration Services

Luxury villa at Vivo Resorts

You may be tempted to move to Puerto Escondido

Spend any time at all in Puerto Escondido and you’ll soon be dreaming about owning your own Puerto Escondido real estate on the beach or becoming a Permanent Resident. Instead of struggling with the ever-evolving (and growing) documentation requirements of Mexico’s tax and immigration laws, it’s best to count on an expert to guide you through the process. After all, the less time you spend on paperwork the more time you’ll have to enjoy life in paradise. Born and raised in Canada, immigration whiz Helena of Immigration Services by Helena has lived in Mexico for 20 years and during that time has amassed a wealth of experience assisting clients with immigration and other documentation needs.

Assistance offered by Immigration Services by Helena include:

1. Documentation procurement, guidance and completion for Temporary and Permanent Residence Visas
2. Notifications to Immigration Authorities on changes of address, marital status, workplace or nationality
3. Translation
4. Tax Registration
5. Assistance at immigration offices in Puerto Escondido
6. Document procurement and legalization of documents issued in Mexico, including birth and marriage certificates
7. Assistance with Puerto Escondido Mexico real estate transactions
8. Exit and Entry Permits
9. Outbound visas
10. Other compliance requirements and cooperation with authorities within Mexico’s highly complex and rapidly changing regulatory framework

Contact her by email at for cost estimates. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Friday

Surf Lessons and Surf Camp in Puerto Escondido

Barrel Surfing at Puerto Escondido Credit Zicazteca

Barrel Surfing at Puerto Escondido Credit Zicazteca

Thanks to the Mexican Pipeline, an epic wave break at Zicatela beach, Puerto Escondido is a mecca for serious surfers. If you’re tempted to get your board shorts on and carve a wave of your own, you’re wise to go with a pro. The waves are as ferocious as they are legendary. Reaching heights of 20 feet, they’re not for the timid or inexperienced. Fortunately, there are plenty of surf schools in Puerto Escondido to choose from.

When planning your trip, note there are two surfing seasons. The rainy season sees the most wave action and international surfing tournaments while the dry season (November-April) has more manageable waves. Get Surf reports with swell heights, wind and tide info or watch the HD Surf Cam at Surfline.

Here are the top spots for surf lessons in Puerto Escondido:

Zicazteca Surf School

Located on Zicatela Beach and run by surf pro Julio Soto Novola, features a two-hour class with transportation, surf board, rash guard and board shorts for the ladies (so you needn’t worry about losing a bikini). Julio is also an accomplished surfboard artist and muralist.

 Oasis Surf and Language School

Oasis Surf School is another top choice, combining Spanish and Surfing lessons all-in-one.  Newbie surfers will be equipped with everything needed to start surfing: surfboards, rash-guards, transportation to the beach and the surf instructor. All instructors have Level 1 Surf Coaching Course and Red Cross First Aid Course training. The surf boards are made by Roger Ramirez who owns the Oasis Surf Factory and Surf School. 

Oasis Surf also offers surf retreats and surf camps in exciting surf destinations such as Oaxaca, Hawaii and the Azores.  Check their website for dates

Study Spanish in Puerto Escondido

While taking Spanish language classes in Puerto Escondido is not as inexpensive as studying Spanish in Guatemala or Oaxaca City, there is the added bonus of being able to enjoy the beach! Here are three popular choices for well-established Spanish Language Schools in Puerto Escondido.

Oasis Surf Factory and Language School

Even your pre-schooler can take Spanish classes at this professional language school located in the Rinconada neighbourhood. The school offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes as well as specialized Medical Spanish for health care professionals. A full slate of cultural activities is available, including a Learn-to-Surf program. The school can also arrange volunteer experiences if you’d like to give back to the community and practice your new lingo at the same time. 

Classes at the Oasis Surf Factory and Language School are held indoors on the Rinconda just steps to beautiful Carrizalillo Beach.

Experiencia Puerto Escondido

Another well established school where you can take Spanish lessons and surf classes is located just off Highway 200 above Zicatela Beach.  The breezy location of Experiencia Puerto Escondido on top of a hill makes it a pleasant place to study outdoors. Classes begin on Mondays year-round.

Calli Language School

You’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice the Spanish you learn at Calli Language School in the centre of Puerto’s commercial district. You’re close to Benito Juarez Market and many small shops and tiendasClasses start any day of the week and you can choose from private or group lessons in the air conditioned classrooms. 

I hoped you enjoyed this Puerto Escondido Travel Guide! I’ve tried to make it as complete as possible, but if you think we are missing anything, please let us know in the comments below.

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