Work or Play? A Day Pass at Carambola Beach Club, St. Kitts

Looking for a Carambola Beach Club St. Kitts Day Pass? You’ve come to the right place. During my 7-night sailing cruise around the Windward Islands of the Caribbean on the Royal Clipper,  I was torn between exploring the ports we stopped at or hunting down an Internet cafe. Much like any  boat in the middle of a sea, the onboard wifi  was slow. Although I’d tried to clear  away any work in advance, a flurry of urgent emails always seemed to be fluttering around the edges of my day.

With a day pass to the Carambola Beach Resort on the island of St. Kitts. I was able to do both. Plus, there was little risk of getting my beach bag snatched (more on that later).

Why Get a Carambola Beach Club St. Kitts Day Pass

South Friar's Bay St. Kitts

South Friar’s Bay St. Kitts

Unlike the larger cruise ships that dock at the main port (where it takes 30 minutes or more to get to the beach club), the Royal Clipper drops anchor offshore so you just hop in a tender for a quick 5 minute lift to shore. In fact, you can go back and forth as many times as you like or until the captain gets annoyed (something that never did happen!)

Royal Clipper at Friar's Bay St. Kitts

View of Royal Clipper at Friar’s Bay St. Kitts from the tender

Safety at Carambola Beach Club St. Kitts

Because I was travelling solo and toting a laptop, two cameras, a notebook, a change of clothing and more, I wanted a  deck chair near an attendant  to watch my stuff while I  took a walk.  In St. Lucia, I’d been in the water swimming when two guys had made a mad dash for my bag on the beach. I stumbled out of the water yelling and scared them away but other people  down the beach weren’t so lucky.

Tender from Royal Clipper

Tender from Royal Clipper

On St. Kitts I really did want to walk, swim and leave my laptop behind —  South Friar’s Bay offers beautiful clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling (and green turtles). A Beach Club seemed a perfect solution.

Very clean and swimmable waters at Carambola Beach Club Friar's Bay St. Kitt's

Swim here! Very clean and swimmable waters at Carambola Beach Club Friar’s Bay St. Kitt’s

Amenities at Carambola Beach Club

The Carambola St. Kitts Beach Club is a  fine-dining, 128-seat restaurant by night, but by day is a beach club offering lunch and resort day passes. This means you can rent a chair and umbrella, lounge on the beach, use the swanky facilities (showers, change rooms, washrooms) and   enjoy a casual lunch and drinks at the restaurant /bar.

Carambola Beach Club in St Kitts

Carambola Beach Club on St Kitts

Leaving my gear under the watchful eyes of a chair attendant,  I floated in the clear blue water without fear, deciding that Caramabola Beach Club is a great option if  you’re travelling alone and want to enjoy a swim without having to pop your head out of the water  every 5 minutes looking for perps.  I know there are such things as anti-theft swimming devices but I’ve yet to see one that fits a credit card and a pair of glasses.

Carambola Beach Club Friar's Bay St. Kitt's

Take a walk on the beach at Carambola Beach Club at Friar’s Bay St. Kitt’s

I also managed to enjoy  a long walk along the beach at Friar’s Bay and, although I didn’t spot any monkeys or green turtles, I did discover Shipwreck, a rustic beach bar offering inexpensive drinks, friendly locals and rather rickety chairs but plenty of atmosphere.

A perfect combination of Work and Play.

Travel Planner

Here’s what you need to know about getting a Carambola Beach Club St Kitts Day Pass:

– Cost for a chair rental at Carambola Beach Club is $10 and if you want an umbrella, it’s an extra $10 USD.

– Cocktails and lunch are great options here with popular choices such as burgers or lighter choices such as a lobster salad, a healthy combo of leafy lettuce topped with tender chunks of local spiny lobster. They also offer delicious sushi as well as a Fish Fry buffet on special dates.

– There’s even a kid’s menu if you’ve got little ones with you.

– If you arrive with a group of six people or more, it may be possible to negotiate a discount.

– Wireless internet is free and works best the closer you are to the interior/lobby bar area.

– Interior decor space is upscale with Indonesian teak hardwoods and open, airy dining sections.

– Unlike a full Resort Day Pass in Mexico, drinks, towel service and meals are NOT included.

– Carmabola Beach Club has its own swimming pool, carved out of the ocean, handy if the ocean is rough.

– Taxi from the cruise port is $16 one-way (this was told to me by another guest so hasn’t been verified).

Carambola Beach Club opens daily at 11:00 a.m. It is only open for lunch on  Cruise Ship days, so call ahead of you’re not on a cruise ship.

You can reserve in advance for dinner online.

Phone 869-465-9090


You can also find them on Facebook where they regularly post  specials.

Note that Carambola Beach Club closes during the summer.

Another alternative to an organized shore excursion is the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Casino.

The island of Nevis is also nearby so it’s also possible to take a water taxi and enjoy a day on one of their beautiful beaches. Check out this post for more:

5 Reasons Nevis Might Be Your Next Favourite Caribbean Island  

Dock on St. Ktts for transfer to Nevis

Nevis here I come! Dock on St. Ktts for transfer to Nevis


Michele Peterson
Michele Peterson
Dividing her time between Toronto, Mexico and Guatemala (or the nearest tropical beach), Michele Peterson is an award-winning writer, blogger, editor and publisher who specializes in travel, cuisine and luxury lifestyles.
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  • Marian Krueger

    Love St. Kitts! Thanks for sharing as I definitely would try this place out on a future visit.

    • Michele

      Thanks for your comment Marian! And I’m definitely going to check out your post on “Travel and Dieting. Is it possible?” I’m headed to Anguilla and already thinking about what to eat!

  • Lesley Peterson

    What a gorgeous beach! And so true about not wanting to leave one’s bag unattended on any beach. Even if I don’t have a laptop or camera with me, I always worry about leaving prescription eyewear in a bag on a beach while I’m swimming. The beach club sounds a perfect, relaxing solution.

  • esperanza

    What a beautiful ship and so handy to get to the beaches. Good tips re beach safety!

  • ed wetschler

    I’ve done this, too — the Windward Islands cruise on the Royal Clipper, the stop at Carambola, the push-pull over wi-fi — and jeez, Michelle really gets it exactly right.

  • Carol Perehudoff

    Good save with the bag! I would have been freaked out completely. I never thought of it before but a day pass at a resort makes sense for a solo traveller. Though you’d still need to watch your stuff, I suppose. I lost 80 Euros in an upscale hotel spa in Europe – people, use your lockers!

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